Be Prepared

If you’ve ever planned a funeral, you know there are countless details to consider when making arrangements. By planning your own funeral in advance, you can enjoy benefits such as removing the emotional burden from your loved ones, expressing your own wishes for how you want to be remembered and relieving your family of the financial responsibility of paying for your funeral.

Pre-Plan and Pay Online Now

Our new online pre-planning tool allows families and individuals to select their service package, casket or urn, burial vault and complete payment, entirely online. You may choose to follow up with us or not, either way, your funeral planning information will be on record and your information will remain safe.

How It Works

When you contact us, you’ll be invited to meet with us to help guide you through the process. We can answer your questions and provide resources to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.
You’ll have the opportunity to develop a unique event to celebrate your life – planning a funeral in advance can even be a joyful experience that provides peace of mind. You may alter your advance funeral plan at a later date if you want to make changes or additions to the options you select. Contact us, and we will help ensure that your funeral plan reflects your wishes.